Tuesday, July 29, 2008

" Ahh The Good Old Days "

Ok after reading comments on other blogs I see we all have a soft spot for older cars,on a recent trip to Cape Cod Anna and I visited this museum. If it is cars you like this is a neat place to be....Note the red ski's and track on the black model T-Ford, at least I think that is a model-T.


pat houseworth said...

Wonder what kind of MPG they got?

If the gas trends continue, the only cars guys like us can see will be the ones in parades and at shows.

Shrinky said...

Ahhhhh. My eldest son has a friend whose father has a private vintage car museum on his grounds - all fully functioning, and all still ocassionally taken out on the road for a putter along. More money than sense of course, but still.. smile.

I have to confess I'm always the first in line to voluteer to sit in the passenger seat..

Shrinky said...

Hey - I should photograph it!!



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