Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Entering another Milestone

Well here we go, another milestone in my Moments in this Short Life, as of tomorrow the 20th of December I will be signing up for medicare, don't ask me what I am doing, they sure don't teach you in school what to do when this time in your life comes up. Nervice you say, a bit I say, between Anna and I, we received so many company brochures as you can see, all claiming to make it easier and cheeper if you go with their company, the truth of the matter is after all is said and done a retired person when needing the coverage will give up a large portion of their pention to get minimal coverage. The first part is easy, Part A and B, but after that it is like gambling, will I get sick enough to need the high priced Part C or F, or should I take the chance and forgo  those Parts for now, and if I do I will need a physical to get it later. Now we haven't talked about Part D yet, Prescriptions again more money, it makes my head spin. Guess there is no sense in crying we all have these decision to make sooner or later, I just wish the proceedures were more understanding. Well wish me luck......

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ahem It Is Me Again

Guess Who? that's right the lone stranger, you know the on again off again blogger with absolutely nothing to blog about. Well I think I posted my last blog about a year ago, it was a tribute to my old man's service to his country, and I thank all who responded to the post. Dad I am happy to say is still with us at 94 soon to be 95 and it makes me wonder what my longevity will be. A lot has happened this past year or so, I should have lots to blog about, from building my Mountain Home (" The Fortress of Solitude") to losing 40% of my worth due to the anointed one's financial policies. I really can't imagine another 4 years of his stupidity when it comes to the Economy.  I sat here today and watched my investments loose another 101.11 points that's another -0.79%. Since I retired in 2008 absolutely nothing has gone right in the financial field, I invested my pention and other investments, placed them so as to have a nice comfortable retirement for many years, but now after the Obama era I am not sure if life in the future will be as comfortable as I was expecting, as a matter of fact I went out and got a job as a security officer at a nearby hospital in hopes it will make the difference, I can only hope and pray that the rest of this country smartens up and open their eyes past party affiliation and do the right thing and get rid of this man who is I believe is "Unknowingly",distroying the very fabric of this country. With that said and off my chest  lets get on to something near and dear to me and that's The Fortress Of Solitude, my newly built home in the mountains. I hope to have some Photo's of the place as soon as I remember how to post the Pics but until then you just have to take my word on it being a beautiful House in a beautiful mountain setting overlooking a valley. My wife Anna and I hope to move there permanently sometime in the next year or two. Well that is all for now, I hope to be more of a regular on here, but please let me know you are there and comment on my blog, good or bad will be accepted, Bye for now.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Has Sprung at least for today

I awakened this morning to a somewhat gray day but the temperature was in the fifties wih a promise from the weather man that the sun will be out by noon with highs in the upper sixties and you know what, suprises of suprises she was right. My wife and I had a sad chore to run and that was a viewing for a good friend of ours mother, I didn't know her well but Anna did, I know the family well, the daughters and grand children and some of the Great Grandkids, and a great and beautiful family they are.
After we left the services we went to pick up our grandaughter from preschool, we had lunch and then by this time the sun was out and the temperature was 69, not a bad number, Ahem, sorry I couldn't resist. But anyhow it was 69 degrees and I just wasn't going to waste the day sitting in so I went to the shed and got out the hose, shovel and broom, I used the shovel to clean up the last of the snow at the end of my driveway, afterward I swept the dirt and leaves left buy the snow and finally I hosed it all down, I guess you might say I got ready for part two of this winter, the reality being as in most of the east coast winter will be back tomorrow, as a matter of fact as I sit here at 10:00p the winds of change are blowing so hard my windows and doors are shaking.
Ok lets see what else to talk about, oh yes, time has defeated me, let me explain, as of a month ago I started a new career, I went out and got myself a security job at a nearby hospital, I seemed to run out of things to do around the house and I think Cabin Fever was setting in, but whatever the reason I did it. Kinda feels good getting out a few days a week, the work isn't bad, the ER seems to be where most of the problems are, you get your drug addicts in looking for drugs to heal their fictitious pains and when they find out they will only get Tylenol they go off in fits of rage that's when the ole PD comes out in me. Well so much for my thoughts for today see you next time.....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Back

Well hopefully we seen the end of the snowy winter and I will soon be able to use that snow covered grill.They are talking sixties and seventies by the end of the week but back to winter on Saturday. We have two barometers that winter is drawing to an end, the first is that rodent named Phil who seen his shadow and  second The Philadelphia Phillies Pitchers are it Florida, I just can't wait to see how that fearsome foursome do. It is definetly going to be an interesting season for Philly Phans. Well that's about it for now I'll be back again soon.....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Excuse Me

Please excuse my inablility to master this Posting of my blogs for I still after all this time have difficulty in setting the pictures with the blog itself, maybe by the next century I will master it, but anyhow here is the Third Medal Dad my Hero received. As I said it is the Distinguished Flying Cross

Hero's Medals

 For his unselfish service, courage, and dedication to God and his Country my Hero received many awards but these three I worship as though they were mine.Top Left The Distinguished Flying Cross, Top Right  The Air Medal, and the Lower Center the very recognizable Purple Heart...
These are the Pictures of  the resting place of my Hero's plane "The Bad Penny", on it's approach to runway at their base The Bad Penny hit a clump of trees due to the extensive flack damage caused while on a bombing run into France..Notice the Tail cleared the rest of the deb re. The picture on the Left shows the skid path of The Bad Penny....  

My Hero

Here it is a lazy Saturday afternoon, my mind is wandering for a topic to blog about, I could rant about the economy and how our President (and I use that term lightly) is single handily destroying this countries economy and my what I thought was a great retirement nest egg. Just this past week he opened his mouth about how he was going to further hand cuff  the banks and big businesses with Government takeovers and as soon as he opened his mouth the DOW lost over 2% of it's earnings even before his speech was finished,and then loose again triple digit loses in the next two sessions, thank the good Lord for Weekends and the Market is closed.
As I was saying I could rant about this unfortunate administration but something more near and dear to my heart came to mind, my true hero DAD. Dad is 92 and very much a Hero. Born and raised in the little town of Frackville Pa. a small mining town in Carbon County, dad was one of 3 brothers Harry, John and Louis, dad was a football and Basketball player in High School and graduated form Frackville High after which he sort of got bogged down going to dead end jobs with no future, the war broke out in Europe and with this my hero decided to enlist so on September 12th 1939 my hero was sworn into the Army Air Corp. My Hero did not see a lot of action his first couple years for the United States was not fully involved in the war at that time so my Hero went from Tech School to Tech School learning the trade that would be his responsibility once he was involved in the fighting and that trade was Tail Gunner and Turret Gunner on a B-26 Marauder.I sat down many times to talk to my hero about the war and his part in it and guess what he said I am not the hero ,the ones that never returned were the True Hero's. Typical huh. My Hero Flew into the jaws of hell 64 times,each time being peppered by flack and anti aircraft fire then as they were leaving the encountered the German Lufafa, my Hero would sit on the edge of his seat as if he were flying a mission all over again, he tried to explain to me what it was like trying to shoot down one of those German planes, how if you flipped a dime into the air and watch it pass your eyes, that is about how much time you had to aim and fire. My Hero was flying on about his forty something mission when they encounter lots of body damage to the plane and their hydraulics were hit and if you know anything about  hydraulics when they go you can't lower landing gears, the airplanes flaps are inoperative in other words the planes life blood is spewing and you are in a world of hurt. My Hero recalls that day as if it were yesterday, the Marauder also affectionetly called The Bad Penny was limping on approach to a field in England when disaster struck, The Bad Penny hit some trees and broke apart as you can see in the pictures, five of the seven crew were killed one severly injured my Hero was in the tail and was thrown tail and all  away from the rest of the reckage,banged up and dazed my Hero survived to fly another day, and that he did he completed a total of 64 missions on board "Thumbs Up"


Hi, Harry here, welcome to my Blog. I'm a bit illiterate when it comes to spelling and typing but I am learning every day and with the help of my beautiful wife of 43 years Anna, I am getting better at it. I am a retired Philadelphia Police Officer but seem to be busier than ever trying to get things done I couldn't get to for thirtyfive years. I never know when I can get to my blog but I will make an effort to get it done at least two or three times a week. I am sure some will like it and some will fined it ridiculous but thats ok. Well welcome and I hope you enjoy......

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