Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Well here it is Monday, I am well charged due to the fantastic weekend I had driving through the mountains of Pennsylvania, gas prices or no gas prices, nothing short of my demise will keep me from visiting those mountains. Anna and I decided Friday night to throw a change of cloths and a swim suit into a gym bag and just get out of this hot and humid sticky city. As we traveled up the Northeast extention of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Anna and I discussed things we might do while doing nothing in the mountains so we decided the first thing we will do is take a dip in the pool, well two things happened upon our arrival, one, all that heat and humidity I talked about earlier, it was gone, it was actually cool, and second it was after ten and take a guess when they close the pool? that's right ten o'clock! disappointing yes but after all we were in the mountains. The second thing on our to do list was go to this little town of Tomaqua where we have a realtor, it was a spur of the moment thing but we got some mls listings for some homes within 25 miles of the realtor and spent the day looking for and at those homes, none of which set off my wow factor. Anna and I have property in the mountains which is where these pictures were taken . It is a gated community with a Arnold Palmer designed golf course, and a ski resort, it is a beautiful place and we may just build a home there but in the meantime if we find the perfect place outside the resort we may just sell the resort property. No matter which way we go, I will soon have my little place in the mountains. OK now I don't want you to think this trip was all work and no play, Saturday night Anna and I finally got that dip in the pool we so looked forward to, and guess what, it was still freezing so we stayed in the pool for all of about 15 minutes and decided to go clubbing instead. It just so happens that the hotel we were staying in had a live band that night playing oldies, my kind of music so needless to say we entered, got the back of our hand stamped and just kicked back and enjoyed the rest of the evening. Well here we are back in the hot humid city all charged and ready for the next spontaneous trip to Gods country.


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Your next trip is go Gods Country, well when you get here (TEXAS) let us know. After all Texas is Gods country. Ha. Looks great, and nothing like spur of the moment trips.

pat houseworth said...

Don't know about you Harry, but my weekend was filled with baseball(7 games in 3 days), my guess is the wife enjoyed her time with me nowhere to be seen.

See you're back on the VSPA boards....good work.

Jerry said...

Just found you from prh. Nice blog. You started the same day as me, a few years ago. Give it some time. You'll find your voice.

I lived in Harrisburg for several years. I really miss seeing the mountains and the Susquehanna River.

Welcome aboard!

Shrinky said...

Such a beautiful spot Pat, I can see why you want to finally settle there. Sometimes these spontanious trips turn out to be the best, don't they? Glad you feel recharged and fresh for the week.


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