Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Has Sprung at least for today

I awakened this morning to a somewhat gray day but the temperature was in the fifties wih a promise from the weather man that the sun will be out by noon with highs in the upper sixties and you know what, suprises of suprises she was right. My wife and I had a sad chore to run and that was a viewing for a good friend of ours mother, I didn't know her well but Anna did, I know the family well, the daughters and grand children and some of the Great Grandkids, and a great and beautiful family they are.
After we left the services we went to pick up our grandaughter from preschool, we had lunch and then by this time the sun was out and the temperature was 69, not a bad number, Ahem, sorry I couldn't resist. But anyhow it was 69 degrees and I just wasn't going to waste the day sitting in so I went to the shed and got out the hose, shovel and broom, I used the shovel to clean up the last of the snow at the end of my driveway, afterward I swept the dirt and leaves left buy the snow and finally I hosed it all down, I guess you might say I got ready for part two of this winter, the reality being as in most of the east coast winter will be back tomorrow, as a matter of fact as I sit here at 10:00p the winds of change are blowing so hard my windows and doors are shaking.
Ok lets see what else to talk about, oh yes, time has defeated me, let me explain, as of a month ago I started a new career, I went out and got myself a security job at a nearby hospital, I seemed to run out of things to do around the house and I think Cabin Fever was setting in, but whatever the reason I did it. Kinda feels good getting out a few days a week, the work isn't bad, the ER seems to be where most of the problems are, you get your drug addicts in looking for drugs to heal their fictitious pains and when they find out they will only get Tylenol they go off in fits of rage that's when the ole PD comes out in me. Well so much for my thoughts for today see you next time.....

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