Monday, August 25, 2008

My Apologies

Before I get into my blog please let me apologies for not writing in some time but lifes little setbacks happen and one has to take care of that setback. Being retired has been a bit hard on me. I sort of went into a funk, I started to feel useless and wondered if this was all there was left, wake up, do a few house chores, make dinner, watch TV then go back to bed. I'll tell you this, I didn't like were my life was heading, I need more, a whole lot more, well I am happy to say I found it. I found it in my family. All I had to do was look around me, I seen my beautiful wife Anna, My equally beautiful daughter Lora Ann and her husband Eddie, my handsome son Charles his lovely girlfriend Kelly and last but not least my two grandchildren Charles Anthony and Layla Marie. God has also blessed me with my parents who are still with us at 91 and 81, both sound of mind and very active, hopefully their DNA will wear off on me. Now that I have found myself and pretty much got out of that funk I started to do things I was passionate about as an every day worker but was unable to do due to working. I always loved carpentry so I ( with a push from Anna ) decided to make my garage into a Bedroom-Computer room. I never parked my cars in it and all it was used for was storage, you know the things you don't need or use but someday maybe! Well that someday is now and the trashers will have a field day when I put it all out for trash pickup. My son Charles and I started last week studding out the garage and running electric and recess lighting, we are going to extend my half bath to a full bathroom with shower but the project is officially put on hold till I get a licensed plumber to reroute the drainage to the main. Above you'll see Charles and I on the second day, really not much to look at but it will give you an idea of the before and after. We have a long way to go but who is in a hurry? I have a block party on Sunday and I leave on a vacation for a week to Orlando Florida with Anna and her 3 sisters and besides that, I am retired and have all the time in the world to finish. How's that sound for an attitude change.


pat houseworth said...

Works for me....the attitude that is. Enjoy the vacation....and retirement, if you find enough things to do Harry, is sweet.

Patrice said...

Silly you! Sounds like "housewife" syndrome to me. I should know! The same-old, same-old gets old fast. It drove me to six weeks in bed with the covers over my head. It's a scary place that is really hard to get out from. Luckily, you have plenty of family around; don't hesitate to reach out! Try to find one thing (even if it's small) to change up your daily routine so that you don't get that feeling again. And make sure it's something for YOU!


Hi, Harry here, welcome to my Blog. I'm a bit illiterate when it comes to spelling and typing but I am learning every day and with the help of my beautiful wife of 43 years Anna, I am getting better at it. I am a retired Philadelphia Police Officer but seem to be busier than ever trying to get things done I couldn't get to for thirtyfive years. I never know when I can get to my blog but I will make an effort to get it done at least two or three times a week. I am sure some will like it and some will fined it ridiculous but thats ok. Well welcome and I hope you enjoy......

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