Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Night

Well here I am on a Saturday night listening or the proper way of saying it is JAMMING to the music cd's and drinking my favorite brew, Yuengling Lager, I guess I am partial to Yuengling because it is brewed about 95 miles form here in a small town of Pottsville. I remember a day when one was an outcast if they stayed home on a Saturday night. It is truly funny how times change and what use to be important now is frivolous. Way back when, my buddies and I used to hang on the corners and grab the first over the age of 21 guy who would take the chance to go into the bar and get us a couple of quarts of brewski, hey on a good night we could probably get 3 or 4 guys and that gave us almost a quart of beer apiece and to 15 and 16 year olds that was a pretty good high, hell we could whip the world, so we thought.... LOL. we thought we were tough guys and partied till those damn cops pulled up and confiscated what little we had left. Oh by the way the tunes I am Jamming to are Elvise, Abba, Simon and Garfunkel, Buddy Holly, and a real treasure Sounds Of The South with artist the likes of George Thorogood, Hank Williams Jr. etc., now we are talking beer drinking music. Well let me get back to my day, keep in mind my neighbors and I are having our 17th bi-annual block party, for anyone not familiar what a block party is, we close off the street from one end to the other and party hardy. We have large balloon bouncers and clowns and all sorts of contest for the kids, example most decorative bike, egg races wheel barrel races Balloon tosses, for the adults we have Beer , Beer ,and did I mention Beer, actually we have volley ball and dance contest,music provided by a local Dj, it is generally just a great big party to get all the neighbors together and close out the summer season. Come to think of it, for all the republicans , they have McCain's choice to celebrate, to me it sort of makes it easier to choose. I was really in doubt until yesterday, now I will wait for the debates and if happens what I think will happen my decision will be assured. Well from Anna and me let us wish you a happy labor day, sit back relax and do absolutely nothing, we are ....LOL


pat houseworth said...

Mushy and FHB are fans of your PA Brew.....never tasted it, even in my Dover days...will have to give it a try.

Mushy said...

My thanks to you for your salute to my favorite brew...discovered it in Key West, had it imported later, and now it's freely on tap!

See ya.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Aaah Yuengling. Yea, Mushy turned me on to that stuff. Just came home from a road trip to PA with four cases of traditional Lager in bottles. Treasures you can't buy here in Texas. Love the stuff.


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