Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mr. President Of The People ???

I had other topics to blog about, but instead, due to recent events, thoughts are festering in me that I feel I need to comment on. As most people who know me can tell you, I really don't publicly rant or rave my opposition to any political statements or decisions. I usually just act like a zombie and wonder what I, as one person, can do. Well, I think I was pushed to my limits with the Louis Gates fiasco. It was not so much as what did or did not happen for I wasn't there. And until the report comes out, I will reserve my opinion (unlike our Commander in Chief, our president of "ALL THE PEOPLE"). How in the name of the good Lord can a man of the people incite violence among the people he is sworn to protect. How can this man make a statement that he did not know all the particulars of a case then publicly, in front of the whole nation, call not one man, but the entire Cambridge Police Department, stupid. For the President of the United States this was a very unpresidential statement. As a retired Police officer, I also, as the President said, am a bit bias as to what went on in Gates' home. The break-in had nothing to do with it. Gates wasn't arrested for breaking in but for disorderly conduct. I sit back every day and read lots of comments and opinions from lots of my fellow bloggers and e-mails from friends and family alike all with their little pet names for Obama, but in my mind I wanted to give Mr. President the benefit of a doubt. No, I do not like many of the policies his staff (note I said his staff) enacted, but not being a scholar with a fancy degree in economy, although I do have a degree from the school of hard knocks, it was change I was looking for and hopefully it would turn the economy around. Well, no more, he showed his colors and I better stop now for I am getting ready to spit.


PRH....... said...

Barry(some call him Barack) is nothing short of being a addition to being a Marxist.

This guy is causing more division in this country(no to mention the coming hardship) that Bush 1 or 2 could have done between them. Given the fact that the officer involved is a expert of "profiling", I suggest that Mr Obama shut his pie hole and let the story play out.

And Hey the Pup story, having went through many a dog in the past 40 years, it always brings a good feeling but a tear as well.

Harry J said...

Thanks Pat I will soon get back to my career but I just had to get that Obama bull sh.. off my chest


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