Monday, January 11, 2010


I am sitting here in my family room not thinking of anything in particular Anna is laying next to me chatting to a sister in Texas,  it occured  to me how fast seasons come and go, not just the weather season but the sports season. As of this past Saturday the football season here in Philly came to an abrupt end with Dallas soundly defeating our beloved Feables aka Eagles. Now don't get me wrong I pretty much live, die and bleed Green but it is becoming  a seasonal habit that the team gets the fans to a fever pitch and then tears their hearts out loosing the big one,  I have no idea were the Eagles team that won the last 6 games to end the season 11 and 5 went, but then again thats the Eagles. Oh well will get them next year, or maybe not!!
Ok hear we are in the dead of winter the football season is over at least for the home team, this for me is the worst time of the year, not that it is cold and snowy, but I, not being a fan of basketball or hockey have to wait until the fighting Phils start training camp I believe is sometime in April so I guess I will have to entertain myself with those ice skateing and ski compititions "yikes."

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Hell Harry, you could be a Bengals fan....seldom win, and when the do have a good season, they slide right out of the playoffs without so much as a wimper....

My First Baseball game is in...62 Days!! Spring isn't that far off. Did you get the Nha Trang Photos I sent you via Bill Harris?


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