Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where Do I Begin

Well Summer has ended and fall is in full swing and I just realized it has been that long since I jotted down any thoughts at all, I hope that isn't nature telling me something. I just left a comment on a good buddy of mine Pat Houseworth's blog it seems a fellow Airman who served in Viet Nam a year or so after Pat and I left was a bit critical to Pats Blog, so critical that he used some unsavory language in trying to make a point. You see Pat was definitely a McCain man, every day his blog was pretty much political, he brought out lots of reasons why McCain should be President and Obama should not be, so this reader named Charley read more into it and called Pat everything from raciest to many other expletives that I won't get into seeing how this is a family oriented blog. Pat seemed to sooth the beast named Charley by explaining to him in his own elegant way the meaning of Free Speech in America and that just because you do not care for a person white or black it does not mean your a raciest, and that my friends is why we just observed Veterans day. Now I read Pats Blogs religiously and even went back to reading it again to see where the racism came in and believe me there were none, just a man who studied both candidates and choose the one he thought would be best for this country in these turbulant times. Well Pat let me say thank you for your thoughts and time studying the candidates it made my decision a lot easier.Well it sure seems like I ranted on and got away from my original thoughts ( another Senior Moment ) which were pretty much catching you up on my late summer, early fall activities, but I will definetly do that next time.>>>> To Continue


pat houseworth said...

Welcome back that the winds of November have turned cold, I am sure you'll have much more time to post em' up.

Harry J said...

Pat, I guess you are correct, except for some back yard chores I will spend a good deal of my time indoors finishing the projects I've started just prior to the summer mainly the garage remodeling I started.


Hi, Harry here, welcome to my Blog. I'm a bit illiterate when it comes to spelling and typing but I am learning every day and with the help of my beautiful wife of 43 years Anna, I am getting better at it. I am a retired Philadelphia Police Officer but seem to be busier than ever trying to get things done I couldn't get to for thirtyfive years. I never know when I can get to my blog but I will make an effort to get it done at least two or three times a week. I am sure some will like it and some will fined it ridiculous but thats ok. Well welcome and I hope you enjoy......

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