Thursday, March 19, 2009

" Progress Report "

I know what you all are thinking, he can't be taking this long on remodeling his basement, right, well it is so. I started this project just before Thanksgiving it was to be a remake of my garage to a computer and exercise room, at least that is what I thought it would be, turns out Anna my gorgeous bride wanted to add a shower to the little under the steps powder room, well this changes any plans I had to be done before Christmas, now I have to raise the cement floor to connect the drainage pipe to the maine from the shower and relocate the sink, well to do all this I wanted to wait till the Holidays were over so we would at least have the powder room in the family room for our guest to use when they visit. You get the idea, Yes? As you can see in photo's I really have my hands full, some of what I am doing is as you can see in the top picture the square wooden frame on the wall that part of the wall has been removed and now extends into the garrage approx. 7' this will be the full bath with shower,the rest of garrage will be the puter and excercise room. So now it is the 19th of March, the March madness begins and I have this beautiful 61" flat screen in HD I got for Christmas, guess were I am going to be for the next couple of weeks? Well I should have it done by the Holidays.....

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PRH....... said...

lol....Harry, Glad to see you posted again, bet you thought nobody would be checking in?

My "private" shower is below the landing in the basement....have not used the upstairs bath house except maybe once or twice in the past dozen years...looks like you are keeping busy.



Hi, Harry here, welcome to my Blog. I'm a bit illiterate when it comes to spelling and typing but I am learning every day and with the help of my beautiful wife of 43 years Anna, I am getting better at it. I am a retired Philadelphia Police Officer but seem to be busier than ever trying to get things done I couldn't get to for thirtyfive years. I never know when I can get to my blog but I will make an effort to get it done at least two or three times a week. I am sure some will like it and some will fined it ridiculous but thats ok. Well welcome and I hope you enjoy......

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